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Website Marketing

With the launch of your website you'll need to start generating some traffic. We believe that the best way for you to achieve long term success with your website is to fully understand what it takes to get your site immediate traffic and actually maintain it yourself. It's the most cost efficient and ensures you have total control.

Our team of marketing experts will provide you with a thorough review and analysis that comprises of the following:

1) Review of your website (Optimization, Backlinks, Coding Structure)

2) Competition Analysis (Review Your Competitors & What Needs To Be Done To Match Them)

3) Keyword Analysis (For SEO Purposes, The Best Keywords Tailored To Your Site)

4) Recommendations and solutions for paid marketing (generating instant traffic)

Upon completion of the above, we will provide you with a report that goes over each of the above sections so you can have a clear view of where you stand currently, and what you'll need to do start building targeted traffic.

The fee for this initial consultation is: $199 (One time fee)

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