Providing quality hosting services since 2001.

About Us

Who is StarHoster?

Starhoster.com was founded in 2001. The company behind Star Hoster has been in the hosting business since 1997 and has been a pioneer in the hosting and internet industry. Our team of technicians, designers, programmers and marketing experts, will provide the support and stability needed to run a successful website. Our focus is not only to host your website but to provide you with the tools and information to have a fully functional, dynamic and engaging website.

You can be assured that by hosting your site or server with us, that your asset is in a secure data center in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Not only is your website and server secured, but our backup system allows us to ensure that your data is also safe.

Our services currently available are

Here is some types of products and services which we provide to our clients. all of our services can be customized or reconfigured based on customer requirments. For more details please send us email or contact us vis ticketing system.

  • Linux Shared Host
  • Windows Shared Host
  • Windows & Linux VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Website Design
  • Website Marketing
  • Server Management
  • Security checkups
  • Backup Storages

Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is our indispensable way to achieve excellent value will find no end. The basis of our quality policy is customer satisfaction.

In this context; We generate Documents Starting from the process until the delivery of services to our customers demand, all steps are configured to be monitored under registration. Our goal; Needs and expectations of our customers, to meet with the most appropriate solutions to increase productivity, to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, we can work together to win a customer for many years.

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